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3D + Live Streaming

Live stream in 3D with AutoTrack and Highlight in real time

3D + Augmented Reality

Why SID?

Add special AR effects to your 3D videos and wow your audience

3D + Selfie

Add life to your social media selfies with wiggle gram

3D + Live Streaming

Attach SID to your laptop and you instantly become the talk of town. Our AutoTracking technology ensures a perfect video every time without losing sight of the Star of the video, which is YOU! 

(Wear VR glass for best 3D viewing experience)

3D + AR

Crazy about the PokemonGo game? Enjoy adding special effects such as mustache, hat, or even a new hairstyle to your favorite picture? We have taken the special computer effects of Augmented Reality (AR) and applied it to 3D video.  

3D + Selfie

If a still-photo is worth a thousand words, then our wiggle gram effect may be the next trend in selfie taking. We take a still-photo and make it come alive.  

Record shake-free 3D video with the exclusive SID CameraKit

Shake-Free 3D Videos

And with the LiveView feature, you can see exactly what you are recording (on your smartphone) as it happens!


Capture The Moment

Don't miss out on another special memorable moment with family and friends. Let your creative 3D video speak volumes for you!